Gang Li Lab 

About us

Who we are:

The chemoproteomics lab is a multi-disciplinary group of scientist with diverse training background in chemical biology, cancer biology, organic synthesis, and mass spectrometry. We are situated in the Institute of System and Physical Biology at the Shenzhen Bay Laboratory. Our mission is to unravel the biological mysteries by chemical proteomics and intervene biological system by novel modalities discovered by chemical proteomics.

What we do:

Chemistry has a unique ability to solve the most important biological problems. With the adventure of chemical proteomics, we are empowered to study the basic biological mechanisms and intervene the human disease with chemical agents. By integrating chemical probe design with mass spectrometry, our group aims to develop novel chemical probes and platforms to study the protein complex and proteins targets of bioactive compounds as well as endogenous coenzymes. Another direction is the discovery of enzyme inhibitors through high-throughput screening and DNA-encoded library to identify therapeutic modalities to impact diseases such as diabetes and cancer.