Gang Li Lab 


The research at chemical proteomics group lies at the interface of chemical biology and system biology, which enable us to launch basic research as well as translational applications. Our lab is focused on developing novel chemical probes and corresponding proteomics platforms to enable quantitative measurement of reactivity of nucleophilic amino acids, and define the novel therapeutic targets or biomarkers by profiling the protein complex. We also endeavor to discover novel inhibitors for disease-related enzymes by integrating DNA-encoded library with chemical proteomics. The newly identified inhibitor would provide a new avenue to annotate the enzyme function in animal mode.

(1) Integrating chemical probe design with mass spectrometry-based proteomics to identify protein interaction networks for key metabolites, coenzymes and bioactive molecules.

(2) Determining the hyper reactive nucleophilic amino acids in the whole proteome to annotate the uncharacterized proteins and enable the fragment-based inhibitor discovery to realize a complete ligandability map of human proteome.

(3) Developing systematic biological methods for targeted protein complex identification as well as global protein complex identification to explore disease-related therapeutic targets and biomarkers.

(4) Developing next-generation DNA-encoded peptide libraries and selection platforms for high-throughput selection of enzyme inhibitors.