Gang Li Lab 


We are seeking highly motivated and creative scientists to join us at all levels, including postdoc, graduate student, undergraduate and research assistant. Candidates should have strong interest in basic research with translational potential. Background in at least one of the following: molecular and cell biology, biochemistry, cancer biology, pharmacology, biophysics, live-cell imaging, genome engineering or related fields is strongly desired. For postdoc applicants, a track record of peer-reviewed publications is required. Our group will focus on the intersection of systems biology and chemical biology, and conduct basic research and applied research in the field of translational medicine:

1) Study the protein interaction network of key metabolites, coenzymes, and drug molecules through chemical probe design and mass spectrometry-based proteomics;

2) Develop systems biology methods to identify protein-protein interactions in cell membranes and cytoplasm to identify new signal pathways and track the tissue source of tumor migrating cells;

3) Develop the second-generation nucleic acid aptamer to detect the activity of biomarkers through targeted proteomics to realize the diagnosis and prognosis of clinical samples.

If you share a similar passion, we are looking forward to working with you!

Please send your application to Dr. Li at with the following information:
  • A complete personal Chinese or English resume (PDF), including personal scientific research interests, career goals, main scientific research skills, scientific research experience, achievements, awards, etc.;
  • Full text of representative results (submitted by assistant researcher and postdoc.)
  • recommendation letter of 3 recommenders (submitted by assistant researcher and postdoc.)
  • Other materials that can explain scientific research and work ability.
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