Gang Li Lab 

​Weiye Zhong



 2020-Present   Research Assistant

 2017-2020        Master 

 2013-2017        Bechelor 


Shenzhen Bay Laboratory

Shenzhen University

Shenzhen University


2020        Outstanding Postgraduate Graduates

2019National scholarship, First academic scholarship

2018First Academic Scholarship

2017Principal Academic Scholarship


1. Weiye Zhong, Weiyang Tang, Jin Fan, Junmin Zhang, Xuechang Zhou and Yizhen Liu*. A domain-based DNA circuit for smart single-nucleotide variant identification. Chemical Communications, 2018, 54: 1311-1314. 

2. Weiye Zhong, Weiyang Tang, Yun Tan, Jin Fan, Qichen Huang, Danli Zhou, Weimin Hong, Yizhen Liu*. A DNA arithmetic logic unit for implementing data backtracking operations. Chemical Communications, 2019, 55: 842-845. 

3. Weiyang Tang,# Weiye Zhong,# Yun Tan,# Guan A. Wang,# Feng Li,* Yizhen Liu*. DNA strand displacement reaction: a powerful tool for discriminating single nucleotide variants. Topics in Current Chemistry, 2020, 378, 1-10. 

 4. Weiyang Tang, Weiye Zhong, Jin Fan, Yun Tan, Qichen Huang, Yizhen Liu. Addressable activated cascade DNA sequential logic circuit model for processing identical input molecules. Chemical Communications, 2019, 55: 6381-6384. 

 5. Yun Tan, Weiye Zhong, Weiyang Tang, Jin Fan, Xiaohui Zhang, Donghua Guo, Xiaolong Wu, Yizhen Liu*. Improvement of Molecular Diagnosis Using Domain‐Level Single‐Nucleotide Variants by Eliminating Unexpected Secondary Structures. Chemistry – A European Journal, 2020, 26: 16256-16260.