Gang Li Lab 

​Dr. Yuena Wang


 2022 - now    Postdoc., Chemical  
 2017 - 2022   PhD., Chemical 
 2013 - 2017   B.S., Chinese Pharmacology

Shenzhen Bay laboratory, China

Peking University, China

Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, China


WuXi AppTec Poster Presentation Award (Excellent Award)

WuXi AppTec Academic Scholarship

Award for Excellent Scientific Research

Shimadzu China Scholarship

First Prize for Scholarship (For 3 consecutive years, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine)


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[4] Hou, Z.#; Wang, Y.#; Wan, C.#; Song L.#; Wang, R.; Guo, X.; Yang, D.; Zhang, Y.; Qin, X.; Zhou, Z.; Zhang, X.*; Yin, F.*; Li, Z.* Sulfonium triggered Alkyne-Azide Click Cycloaddition. Org. Lett. 2022, 24, 1448-1453. (IF: 6)

[5] Wang, Y.; Yin, F.*; Li, Z.* “Sulfonium-Tethered Peptide.” Chemical Protein Synthesis. Methods Mol. Biol. Vol. 2530.


[1] 一种乙炔基锍盐点击反应的蛋白标记方法,专利号:ZL202110708506.8